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Howdy. Welcome to the late night opinions, ramblings and enthusiasms of me, Michelle Denise Norton, director of Shakespeare, artist, poet (particularly haikus), cartoonist (my latest inspirations involve robots and turtles), essayist, photographer, enthusiast, conversationalist, et alia. READ my book: In The Bleak December. Poe, music, Shakespeare, kick ass women and a Christmas visit to 1888.

Why Lonelypond you might ask? I was trying out filmmaking so I did a short practice film called LONELY POND MONSTER: looking for love (it was a practical choice, we were originally planning to film somewhere with a pond) and had an amazing two weekends collaborating with friends. Then we decided to name our movie company (why, yes, we actually inc.’ed ourselves) Lonely Pond Productions, Inc. So everything became lonelypond. I keep the name on the blog because 1. Google it, you mostly find me and 2. to remind me that creating things I didn’t know I could do is a blast. And the sort of adventure I want to keep having.

I also like to think of it as lonely in one of its little used definitions: remote. I’m less close to urban and artistic centers than I once was (and I still miss the stuffed pizza), but where you are is mostly what you make of it.

I do most of my talking on Twitter @mdnightmaverick but the conversations continue here– especially after 1 a.m.

  1. danmihalache permalink

    because i saw you like haiku, i’ll tell you one:
    Matsuo Bashô: Frog Haiku
    The original Japanese:

    Furu ike ya
    kawazu tobikomu
    mizu no oto

    but the translation is a problem. i have thirty-one translations and one commentary on my site, and another commentary of ed baker (in fact, another translation). i’ll give you some:

    Translated by James Kirkup

    old pond
    a frog leaps in —
    a moment after, silence

    Translated by Ross Figgins

    At the ancient pond
    a frog plunges into
    the sound of water

    Translated by Sam Hamill

    enough. about shakespeare, next time

  2. Thanks…I always enjoy reading different translations, you get a better feel of the original by seeing it from different angles.

  3. danmihalache permalink

    I have some Shakespeare now on my site, and I’ll have more.
    See you, Dan,

  4. Perhaps I should look up a favored haiku in trade.

  5. danmihalache permalink

    “How sweet is mortal Sovranty!”–think some:
    Others–“How blest the Paradise to come!”
    Ah, take the Cash in hand and waive the Rest;
    Oh, the brave Music of a distant Drum!

    it’s only a rubayiat, but i like it…
    best wishes

  6. danmihalache permalink

    I placed you on “my favourite sites”, do you mind? I would ask, but I thought that I can delete if there is any anger.
    Best regards, Dan.

  7. danmihalache permalink

    I published some more bridges photos (the 4-th bridges pages) and an article with the main works of Frank Lloyd Wright, if you want to see. All the best, Dan.

  8. danmihalache permalink

    I added a new category, “arh. projects-animation”, in which I made the link to another blog; there are six posts bringing out three country houses; it’s a simulated shooting. The resolution, of course, is not that of the original DVD such as I present to my customers.
    The size of the folder coerced me to divide it in six parts.
    You can see them all scrolling in that blog.
    The links are:,
    or access the first from my site and scroll.
    Regards, Dan

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