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May 14, 2011

I have a list. I’ll take you through it.

H.G. Wells, the Warehouse 13 version, made an appearance in the Season 3 promo and an H.G. Wells spinoff is being developed. Good news.

Thor: Tom Hiddleston played Loki’s erraticness excellently, Chris Hemsworth turned in a hitting all the good notes performance, S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to be my favorite thing about the Marvel movies, Jaimie Alexander did good work as Sif in her limited screen time and Idris Elba rocked solid on the rainbow bridge. Good job, Branagh.

Hot Fuzz: really liking Simon Pegg (both the actor and writer) right now. Hot Fuzz had some stalls but the final fight was epic, all the actors were amazing and though I’m still not sold on Edgar Wright as a director, I’ll check out a project if Pegg is involved.

Zach and Cody Graduate, The Suite Life On Deck series finale…if only any of the rest of the episodes had been that sharply written. Brenda Song comic timing was sadly wasted most of the time by people who don’t know how to write dumb intelligently.

Chuck: Oh, man. Sarah collapsing…there’s a heart stopping moment. Don’t think they did the best job developing Vivian Volkoff the villain but looking forward to the finale and congrats on the Season 5 pickup.

Bitchin Kitchen…have been having a friend join us on Wednesdays to watch The Middleman and Bitchin Kitchen, always good to laugh in company. Glad to hear it got picked up for Season 2.

Originals With Emeril Legasse…he talks too much. Was excited about the concept but it’s nobody but Emeril and there’s too much of him; Guy Fieri does a much better job of sharing the spotlight on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

Tee Blitz: New t-shirt site about to launch, with t-shirts by comic book artists. They’ve been tweeting out impressive art links and are running a win 365 t-shirts contest.

Spaced: where my Simon Pegg study led. Laughed very hard at the first two episodes, then it got tedious and there was too much performance art*. So we’re bumping the rest of the first season in the Netqueue and getting the newish Star Trek next instead.

Reading: Have been stopping by the library on the way to tai chi class. From Flappers 2 Rappers is fun; slang words frequently morph their meaning rather than disappear entirely.

Weekend plans: reading — just started William Gibson’s Burning Chrome short story collection, #photofloralsafari, cooking, cleaning, ripping the wrap on a DVD, etc. Might see Jumping The Broom next $5 movie Tuesday, although Gayle is tempted by Bridesmaids.

Enjoy your weekend.

Free comic book day was fun, comic book guys are always pumped up, which is nice. Not much variety, mostly mainstream + movie tie ins left. Picked up a bunch of Power Girl’s at the $1 a pop sales price. Nice humor, great art…added it to my list. Need more heroines now that Spidergirl’s finishing up at #8. Might try out Zatanna (there’s an upcoming Zatanna-Black Canary team up #teamfishnet maybe?!?); turns out Gayle’s mental image for Zatanna was actually Vampirella — the things you find out when you actually talk about something — and how surprisingly easy it is to differentiate by costume description.

*Which left me wondering if you could actually successfully spoof/parody performance art. Just stay away is my thought. Mimes, yes; robot mimes, heck yes; performance art, please no.

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